Telling our own Christmas Stories

Christmas is not quite upon us, but ALTERnativity – a charity which seeks to help churches and communities to understand and simplify Christmas - is gearing up for the festive season.

Together with a number of partner agencies such as Christian Aid Scotland and Families Outside, the organisation will be gathering stories about Christmas.

Maggie Lunan, co-chair of ALTERnativity, says “We are often beguiled by the dominant stories of Christmas – of shopping and excess, of apparently perfect families and short-lived pleasures. ALTERnativity works to remind people of the first Christmas story and to empower people to tell their alternative Christmas stories.”

In 2014, ALTERnativity asked people how they would make their Christmas more simple. The result was incredibly moving stories, told in just one sentence. Like the woman who said, “What would make my Christmas simpler? That he’s not here, that I can breathe again.”

This Christmas, ALTERnativity will be gathering stories from people close to home and around the world. The organisation will also be listening out for stories of loneliness at Christmas.

Many of these Christmas stories are retold on the new ALTERnativity website. The website also hosts a huge catalogue of remastered resources which are available for instant download.

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(This article first appeared in Life and Work October 2015.)


  • 56 years ago