Love, light the way

With overarching imagery, our sacred story looks to the light. Called by many things - wisdom, lamp, guide - light shines through, takes up residence and moves us on.

‘In the very beginning’, it says, ‘there was light’. It burned away the dusty dimness of a time before the dawn of creation. Warming the waiting earth that stretched and grew underneath its gaze, it gave life. Dividing itself from darkness, it offered a pattern and pace to the days and nights, moments, month, years, generations. In the very beginning, there was light.

Light danced its way through our stories.

Moses, captivated by a fire that did not consume …

The prophets who call – ‘people in darkness, follow the light’…

The psalmist who sings of a lamp to our feet, the unfolding word that gives a glimmer of insight …

The woman who lights a lamp, searching for a treasure she has lost …

The city on a hill, a beacon for all who stray …

Lamp on a stand, not hidden but held high …

In all these things, we are summoned to light.

This Christmas, Christian Aid’s theme is ‘Light the Way’ – an invitation for people to be light in dark places, to wage welcome not war on refugees who flee persecution, violence and war. 65 million members of our global family have no safe place to call home and we can help by offering practical things – food, clothing, shelter and safe spaces. We can help by refusing to add our voices to the rhetoric of ‘them and us’, borders and barriers. Our campaign asks supporters to send a Christmas card to Theresa May, asking her to speak words of compassion and care and calling on the government to follow that path. We challenge one another to do the same.

This Advent, we remember another 'in the beginning.' ‘In the beginning was the Word’ – with God, was God, wisdom – the life-light of all people, a force darkness could not overcome. Let us claim that light and live it.

A prayer to ‘Light the Way’

Light knows no bounds, but breaks through the darkness, sets the night alight, holds hope in its shining – a beacon to bring us home.

Stimulating sight, making things visible, light comes to life in ideas and insight, through compassion and connection - with resolute resolve, it remains in inky skies and returns every morning. Eternal presence, all earth’s children turn instinctively towards the light and its warming, guiding glow. We pray that we turn as instinctively towards each other.

Love knows no boundaries, no borders - builds nothing but bridges and beckons us to follow where it leads.

Let the Divine light of love guide us …

From suspicion to salaam

From wariness to welcome

From conflict to common ground.

Today, we stand in solidarity with brothers and sisters forced to wander our world seeking shelter.

Today, as 65 million people across our planet home have no home, we call on our government to open doors and borders to bid folk welcome.

Today, let us walk together seeking wisdom and saying there is no ‘them and us’, only us. Light of light, shine through us that we may find each other.

Sally Foster-Fulton works for Christian Aid


  • 56 years ago