Lonely This Christmas"I know it's going to be harder this year because it was horrible last year.

We have all the family birthdays before and after Christmas, and it's our anniversary in January (a big one) and I'm here on my own! And he's there on his own, and I can't get to see him because he is so far away.

It's just lonely, so lonely. It's too much to bear, you think what's the point?"

This year ALTERnativity has been gathering all sorts of stories about loneliness caused by the stigma of going to prison, the shame of domestic abuse and the isolation of grief. You can read more of these stories on our website.

In 2016, ALTERnativity will be developing resources and encouraging communities to respond with hope to loneliness at Christmas.

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With thanks to Families Outside for the story above.


  • 56 years ago