Christmas Carols Reimagined!

Tired of the same old carols? One of our Trustees, Marjory Williamson, shares a bit of fun giving a few of them a makeover...

Angels flew down from heaven

Tune: Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

Angels flew down from heaven

on a dark and chilly night,

sang out a joyful message

to some shepherds, filled with fright.

"Don't be afraid, you shepherds,

down in Beth'lem inn you'll see

a baby, born to Mary,

come to set the people free!"

Down to Bethlehem they ran,

wondering what they'd find;

saw a baby in a crib,

Saviour of all mankind.

Then into town the shepherds

ran, and shouted loud and clear:

"We heard the news from angels,

God's sent the Messiah here!"

Whatever’s that noise, whoever are they?

They’ve each brought a gift,

are they coming to stay?

Three wise men are coming to town.

They’ve stopped at the inn,

and knocked on the door;

The landlord bows low, almost to the floor.

Three wise men have come into town.

They've come from way back yonder,

Just following a star.

They’ve travelled over desert lands,

but look now, here they are.

The stable is there, their gifts now they bring;

They’ve journeyed to give them

to this new King:

Three wise men are all kneeling down.

They’ve seen the King, now it’s time to depart;

They leave Bethlehem with joy in each heart.

Three wise men are changed by this day –

They go home now by another way.

Tune: Santa Clause is Coming to Town

“Gloria, gloria”, hear the angels sing,

“Peace on earth, goodwill to men, News from heav’n we bring:

Gloria, gloria, Jesus Christ the Lord, Will be born in Bethlehem –

God will keep his word.”

Many years ago Isaiah wrote this down

In a book the Jews held dear, “A babe will wear a crown.
Wond’rous Counsellor and also Prince of Peace:

When he comes, the Servant King, your burdens he’ll release.”

Gloria, gloria……

Micah later wrote that Beth’lem was the place

Where the Prince of Peace would come, full of truth and grace:

Not a royal throne, no fawning courtiers there,

Just a cattle feeding trough, and a stable bare.

Gloria, gloria……

High up in the sky would rise a shining light,

Leading rulers from the east to a humble site.

Frankincense and Myrrh and golden gifts they’d bring:

Earthly kings would bow the knee to a heavenly king.

Gloria, Gloria ……

On a winter night sheep were in the fold;

Shepherds huddled in their cloaks, keeping out the cold.

All at once they saw high up in the sky

A light so bright it hurt their eyes, then they heard this cry

“Gloria, gloria”, hear the angels sing

“Peace on earth, goodwill to men,News from heav’n we bring:

Gloria, gloria, Jesus Christ the Lord,

Has been born in Bethlehem. God has kept his word!”

Tune: Jingle Bells

Welcome Baby Jesus in the hay

Tune: Winter Wonderland

Do you hear angels singing?

Such good news they are bringing

The Saviour is here, come now and draw near:

Welcome Baby Jesus in the hay.

Shepherds come to the stable,

running fast as they’re able;

they kneel at his feet, their joy is complete:

Welcome Baby Jesus in the hay.

Through the doorway come some foreign strangers,

such a choice of presents that they bring.

They have crossed a desert full of dangers,

just to pay their homage to a king.

Let us now join in chorus

as they did long before us;

come now and draw near, for Jesus is here:

Welcome Baby Jesus in the hay.


  • 56 years ago