Christmas stories

Stories from Outside

Stories from the outsideIt's not just the man of the moon who feels like he's on the outside looking in.

Many people are left alone and unsettled when a relative goes to prison.

Families Outside, the national charity which supports the families of people affected by imprisonment, has been telling us Christmas stories told to them. We are incredibly grateful that they have shared them with us.

We did everything together before he went to prison, he always took care of me, I just miss him so much. Christmas was our thing, we loved it; the kids and grandkids we were all together. The kids and grandkids still come and see me and we do things together, but! But on Christmas eve I go to bed myself, and on Christmas morning I wake up by myself; It's just so lonely, I wasn't prepared for the loneliness.

I know it's going to be harder this year because it was horrible last year. We have all the family birthdays before and after Christmas, and it's our anniversary in January (a big one) and I'm here on my own! And he's there on his own, and I can't get to see him because he is so far away. It's just lonely, so lonely. It's too much to bare, you think what's the point?


  • 56 years ago