Christmas stories

Billy's story

Billy's storyWhen I was 8, my baby sister died. I went off the rails and got involved in crime and drugs.

This chaos went on until I was 40. I was living on the streets and a friend asked if I wanted to come to Glasgow City Mission for a cup of tea. I met Joe [Project Worker] and he told me about rehab. I’d promised my kids that I would come off drugs and had never done anything about it.

Within two weeks of being in rehab, I’d given my life to Jesus. Four years on I’m free from drugs and have qualifications in social care. I volunteer in here because the people in here reached out to me and gave me a way out – I want to help others do the same thing.

The best thing you can do this Christmas is to show love to people. Someone showed love to me and that’s what changed me. Hopefully it won’t just be one person’s life you’re touching, it will be many.


  • 56 years ago