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Just one more brussel sprout...

Just one more brussel sprout...

Posted anonymously on November 22 2016 at 13:52

About the fifth Christmas I was a minister, I was asked by an elderly widow in the church if I would drop in after the Christmas Day service. I was also invited to drop in on a very elderly man and his middle-aged step-son, who had lived together since their wife/mother died suddenly two years before. I accepted both visits, knowing that my own husband and daughter were cooking our dinner – scheduled for mid-afternoon.

The Vicar of Dibley’s Christmas Episode had me crying with laughter, but I had no idea I would be facing my own surfeit of Christmas dinner. Yes, when I arrived my hostess very kindly presented me with a plate of chicken with all the trimmings! She “understood” I would not manage the pudding, but thought a lunch would be OK because she knew we eat our meal in the evening!!! I stuffed it down – and enjoyed it. I was very glad to be there to share this meal with her as she would have otherwise been on her own.

I then scooted to my other visit – where I expected a coffee or a dram and a mince pie. No – another plate of chicken with ALL the trimmings! The two men were delighted that they had successfully produced a delicious dinner and had a guest to share it. As I carefully and slowly ploughed my way through most of it, I had a vision of Rev. Geraldine forcibly shoving sprouts into her reluctant mouth...but that wasn't all! “Mince pie and brandy butter or dumpling and custard???” When I left, again glad to have been there, I wondered if I would fit behind the steering wheel, before wondering how on earth to refuse the dinner being cooked at home.

I was welcomed home with great anticipation by my husband, children and assorted others – all keen to crack on with opening presents and food. I couldn’t say anything, but I did delay the food for as long as possible and chose the most upright chair for sitting at the table.

If I'm honest, I enjoyed it all – both the glut of food and the company. I felt very honoured and blessed to have been included in three Christmas celebrations.

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