Our work with women

Women at ChristmasChristmas raises all sorts of issues for all of us, but it is usually women who carry the greatest burden of responsibility for the celebration.

They don’t just organise the shopping, the feeding and the traditions. Women struggle to fulfil the (often unreasonable) demands of tradition. Many feel in competition with separated partners in vying for their children’s time and affection. Women tend to be the ones who carry the extra financial burdens on an already stretched purse.

ALTERnativity has employed a community worker to facilitate women to explore their feelings about Christmas. Together they found ways to not only survive the season but also celebrate it! Often, the local groups have continued to meet and to support each other long after the Christmas trees are taken down and they become a resource for their local community.

If you run a women’s group, we have a range of resources which deal with money management, stress and crafty celebration ideas for you to use.

If you are involved with a community group, you might also find it helpful to read our guide to running a Christmas discussion group.

If you would like some further guidance about how to use the resources in a group setting, don’t hesitate to get in touch.


  • 56 years ago