Christmas in church

We at ALTERnativity suspect that the folk in the pews aren’t the only ones who become weary at the thought of another busy Advent.

As the liturgical calendar rolls on, Church leaders start the process of dusting down the Christmas Carols music, coercing a small child to play Angel Number 4 and stocking up on boxes of over-sized candles.

ALTERnativity works with leaders to re-energise the worship for Christmas in church from Advent to Epiphany.

We have a library of resources to inspire your congregation towards more meaningful individual and collective reflection about Christmas. From a start-point of the biblical texts, these guides look at the Christmas story from unusual and unique angles. They remind us about the banality of the setting and the extraordinariness of the occasion. They point towards the bigger themes often forgotten in the stress: simplicity, generosity, justice.

The ALTERnativity resources use a variety of approaches to reconnect everyday festive experiences with the understanding of “God with us”. These include: liturgical reflections; workshops; craft; child-focused meditations and story-sharing. There are also insights and ideas for action from the global Church.

This Christmas, let ALTERnativity help your Church sift through the old traditions and pressures and rediscover the a renewed, simple joy in meaningful worship.


  • 56 years ago