About us

ALTERnativity began in 1996 with a group of people who shared a discontent with the way they celebrated Christmas.
 We realised that many others agreed but didn’t know what to do about it.

It began with simple ideas and little changes like choosing cards with care and buying some fairly traded gifts. With a little more confidence, we started taking the established traditions and giving them a twist.

It began with a fresh look at the Christmas story. What did it mean that God had become a human being? We noticed again how ordinary – and yet extraordinary – the characters in the story are. And we asked, “How do we celebrate in a world where half of God’s children are starving?”

It began with a belief in two concepts often hidden during Advent: Just God, Simply Christmas.

ALTERnativity works with churches and communities to understand and simplify Christmas.

We want to motivate individuals and groups to

  • Resist the pressure to over-spend
  • Respond to Mary’s concern for the poor
  • Re-ignite enthusiasm for great celebrations
  • Rediscover the Christmas story.

An incredibly talented team of contributors help us write liturgies, workshops, conversation starters and meditations. 
We generate a significant proportion of our income through these fantastic resources which are available in hard copy and for download.


  • 56 years ago